Aug. 28 5:41 pm



OKAY IMAGINE kurt and blaine are both famous and they’ve never met, they don’t know each other personally, but they’re both fans of each other’s work. and when they get asked questions in interviews like “who is your celebrity crush?” kurt goes, “oh god, that’s embarrassing… blaine anderson.” and they ask, “if you could pick anyone in the world to spend the night with, who would it be?” and blaine laughs and replies, “oof, kurt hummel. done. no doubt whatsoever. next question.” and the media starts catching on and kurt and blaine get set up because they’re both supposed to appear on the same talk show at the same time AND THEY DON’T KNOW THE OTHER IS THERE so they walk out and meet for the first time on live television.




This week one of my favorite artists, Victoria Ying, started a #7DaysOfColor Challenge over @instagram.

Every day of the week is assigned one of the colors of the rainbow. The objective of the challenge is to upload a drawing every day using the color of the day as subject matter. To spice things up for myself I made the week ”Audrey Hepburn Week” using her different dresses as inspiration! 

Here is the set! enjoy~ 

I love that she included a drawing of Audrey from her Look Magazine 1954 photo shoot. A personal favorite of mine.